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January 5, 2017 by Todd Paben 1 comments

Hoping for Lament

Last Sunday we began a new sermon series here at MDC - Lament | Hoping for Help. As a staff member, I have had the opportunity to talk with Paul Vroom about what his burdens are for the sermon series. And as we have talked, my heart has grown excited. I feel a burden for men, women, and children of MDC to hear this series. I am excited for the opportunity to have my own broken, weary, and struggling soul nourished by the Jesus' call to have the weary and heavy laden to find rest in Him (Matthew 11:28)....Keep Reading

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December 9, 2016 by Todd Paben 0 comments

2017 Budget

On Saturday, December 3, the Elders and Deacons of Missio Dei Church called covenant members and regular attenders to a congregational meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how the Lord has been working through the church this past year and what we are anticipating for 2017 and beyond. Here were some of the things that were shared at that meeting:...Keep Reading

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December 1, 2016 by Todd Paben 0 comments

2016 Advent Offering

Missio Dei Church seeks to join the season of forming traditions as well. Just as God was crazy generous in sending us the long-awaited Messiah, Jesus Christ - we too seek encourage men, women, and children to be crazy generous this time of year as well. Starting this Sunday (and running through December 30) we will begin collecting our Advent offering for the following ministries:...Keep Reading

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February 26, 2016 by Todd Paben 0 comments

Christ at the Core | Call to Worship

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February 19, 2016 by Todd Paben 0 comments

Christ at the Core of a Liturgy

In an effort to help Missio Dei Church understand why we do what we do on a Sunday morning, I will be doing a blog post every Friday. These blog posts will help show how Christ is at the center of the following; the call to worship, confession of sin, assurance of pardon, passing of the peace, and the benediction. ...Keep Reading

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February 5, 2016 by Todd Paben 0 comments

Family Worship During Lent

Something we are looking forward to this year is having families worship together throughout this series. Our covenant children will be learning right along side us singing, reading scripture, taking notes, and entering into the large group discussion....Keep Reading

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January 27, 2016 by Todd Paben 0 comments

Knit Together | A Lenten Preparation

Over the next seven weeks, we will be examining what it will look like for Missio Dei Church to be knit together as brothers and sisters in Christ as we prepare to go out and share the Good News of our Risen Savior and look forward to celebrating on Resurrection Sunday....Keep Reading

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January 27, 2016 by Todd Paben 0 comments

Sermon Recap | Filled with the Fullness of Jesus

This past Sunday we read from Colossians 2:8-10 in which we heard from a sermon titled Filled With the Fullness of Jesus. This section was launching a new “orbit” of Jesus-Centered Thinking for us with our series The Core. Over the next few weeks we will be thinking about our thinking and discerning how does Scripture challenge us to be more mindful of others and ourselves. Here are some of my takeaways from the sermon that I thought were worth sharing:...Keep Reading

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December 15, 2015 by Todd Paben 0 comments

'Twas the Story Before Christmas

On Sunday night, December 13, the children of Missio Dei Church told the story of our coming Savior before friends, family, and the church. As the children sang and read Scripture, there was also artwork that displayed the story. Below, you will find our children's portrayel of the birth story through the means of art!...Keep Reading

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November 24, 2015 by Todd Paben 0 comments

Attitude of Gratitude

Believe it or not, but the rush of the holidays is quickly approaching. Holiday decorations are out in full force in local stores. My Instagram feed shows people already setting up their Christmas trees and listening to Christmas music, and the commercials on television boast of the newest gadget that your loved one just has to have. The Christmas season is filled with stress, rushing, and greed...Keep Reading

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