It almost seems unnecessary to include a section on our website to articulate our mission and vision. Part of us would like to just put "see Bible" as a description but we understand that because not every church follows the Bible, it is essential to spell out the “about us” stuff as best as possible.

The majority of the people who are taking the time to read the mission and vision part of our website are trying to determine whether or not Missio Dei Church is a good church worth checking out. Please know though, without question, the very best way to understand what kind of church we are would be to come and be with us for a while. It is impossible to introduce you to the beautiful and diverse people that call Missio Dei Church their family through a website.

So, here it is. Our day-to-day mission is:

“to be a church with passionate faith in Jesus Christ that sacrificially loves, serves those in need, and draws people into an ever-deepening relationship with God.”

Our ultimate goal and vision for Missio Dei Church is:

We exist to give great glory to Jesus.

The following is a humble and incomplete attempt to provide a portrait with words of the sort of church we have become in the last few years.


Some of you may have been raised in religious environments that suffocated you with condemnation and fear. You may have seen the beautiful way of Jesus turned into an oppressive system of dos and donts. You may have witnessed people going through the religious motions out of the fear of going to hell or out of a desire to impress people. The problem with this is that it often produces self-righteousness and hypocrisy; it produces people who profess Jesus with their lips but have hearts that are far from Him. What we have come to see is that when Jesus really comes into our lives He transforms us from the inside out. We are totally changed; our appetites and affections change. We want to please God and we begin to repel the old sinful passions we used to love. We are like the bride who willingly, joyfully and unreservedly marches to the altar to dedicate the rest of her life to the groom she loves. We believe that though the Christian life is not easy, it should be marked by passion.


One of the most precious qualities we have seen in the church is a sense of deep gratitude for the amazing, scandalous grace of God. We understand that we are who we are by grace. The Lord chose us not because of any good thing in us. He set His affection upon us before the creation of the world. We were lost, rebellious and guilty of cosmic treason. While we were dead in sin Jesus revived us, adopted us into His family, and has given us an eternal inheritance. We work hard to keep this central and allow this truth to produce in us gratitude and a longing to give ourselves fully to Him. We never tire of reveling in the idea that Jesus stood in our place and took the punishment we deserve. We are spiritually alive because He is risen! The Gospel is at the heart of everything we teach and do.


We are passionate about the great call of Jesus to go into all the world and to shine brightly with our lives and share the message of the Gospel. We see Jesus in Scripture eating and drinking with a cast of characters that could be described as unsavory and irreligious. Although we do it imperfectly and inconsistently, we want to follow Him in that. It doesn't mean that we are careless in our interactions with culture - we are aware of the dangers of sin on every side. But we believe that we are called to boldly step into danger. We believe the grace of God is sufficient to keep us. We believe that God chose the foolishness of preaching to save people therefore we do everything we can to communicate the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus.


We preach the Word in blazing fashion, and we refuse to dilute it. The preaching is very potent and often searches the heart deeply. And we love that. We have seen over the years that this is something that has attracted people to Missio Dei Church. There has been a desire for the raw, untainted, straight and blunt teaching of the Truth. We strive to be teachable and like newborn babies we crave the pure spiritual milk of the Word that transforms our lives.


Perhaps the most important thing we can express is that we are about Jesus. While we strive to do all things with excellence it is not to make a name for ourselves. He is our obsession and our treasure. We exist to know Him and to enjoy Him forever. We desire to display His greatness, splendor, and beauty to the world. This world is not our home. Christ is our life and our all. We make it our goal to please Him and bring Him honor and glory in everything we do.

In other words, the very reason that we as a church exist is to give great glory to Jesus!