You can register for all of our 'High Safety Gatherings' at

If our service is full please join us online. We encourage you to still safely meet with friends or missional communities in order to fellowship and worship together. 

We are now able to meet in person for worship, with a limited capacity of 70 people per service. Attending worship at Missio Dei Church will be different as we take extra precautions to provide for a comfortable and safe environment.  Our Session has placed a high value on the safety and care of those who choose to attend. Therefore, several aspects are less than ideal. At the same time, the Session believes that this plan provides us with an excellent opportunity for safe and in-person worship according to our Session’s adopted reopening plan.

These guidelines are subject to change, so please make sure you are following our Facebook page and updates in the Realm.

Sunday Morning Ministries

What about nursery and Kids Crossing?

For now, it is safest for us not to offer Nursery or Kids Crossing Sunday morning. We are not able to maintain the recommended social distance recommendations. We have no date for when these activities may resume. We encourage you to bring your children to worship with you.

However, if a diaper needs to be changed or if you want to nurse in private, you may use the nursery. We do ask that you wipe down all surfaces using the provided Clorox® or Lysol® wipes.

What about catechism for our youth?

We are not able to maintain the recommended social distance recommendations. We have no date for when these post-worship classes may resume.

General Questions

Will attendance at a worship service be limited?

Yes, at this time attendance is limited to only 70 people per worship service. We will increase our capacity as soon as we can in accordance with state guidelines.

Will we be required to wear masks?

No, but we highly encourage you to wear a face mask.

Will my temperature be taken?

Yes. Before entering the sanctuary, each person will have his or her temperature checked with a non-contact infrared thermometer.

Will reservations be required?

At this time a confirmed reservation will be necessary. Please RSVP via our church’s Eventbrite page.

What about air circulation?

During worship, the outside doors will be kept open and fans will be blowing in the hallways to ensure good air circulation. Our immediate neighbors will hear our confession of faith, assurance of pardon, affirmation of faith, sermon, and singing!

Will the services be live-streamed?

Yes (the Lord willing). You can find our live-stream on the church's Facebook page or on our YouTube page (we would recommend that you subscribe to the channel).

Will the church be sanitized regularly?

Yes, the sanctuary will be sanitized after each church service and the entire church will be sanitized during the week.

Will restrooms be available?

The restrooms will be open for your use. So that we do not have a cleaning crew working during the service, we do ask that you wipe down all surfaces that you have touched by using a provided Clorox® or Lysol® wipes which will be found in each restroom.

Worship Gathering

Will we still have greeters?

Yes, but they will maintain social distance, so no handshakes or hugs.  All of the greeters will be wearing a face mask for your protection. Additionally, before entering the sanctuary, one of our greeters will check each person's temperature with a non-contact infrared thermometer.

How will be we be seated in the sanctuary?

Please practice social distancing as you enter the sanctuary. Greeters will help you locate a seat in the sanctuary on alternating rows, ensuring that at least two seats are between each family unit. Please leave unoccupied rows for large families/groups.

Will we still hand out bulletins?

You will not be handed a bulletin. Your bulletin will be distributed before the service and safely placed on usable rows. Please take the bulletin home after the service or throw it away on your way out. Additionally our digital bulletin also available by texting "bulletin mdc" to 41411

Will we be able to have corporate singing?

For the time being, we will be moving congregational singing to the end of the service, reducing the number of songs being sung, and strongly encouraging mask-wearing during singing. This is meant to minimize both "respiratory droplets" in the air and the length of time we sit in the sanctuary with said droplets hanging around.

What about the offering?

We will not take up an offering (passing the baskets) during the service, however, an offering basket for tithes and benevolence will be available at each exit of the sanctuary if you bring cash or a check.

Will we have communion?

Starting Sunday, November 1, the Lord’s Supper will be served to all who are physically present for worship. More details will be coming out in the near future as to how we are going to be safely partaking in this covenant means of grace together. 

Will coffee still be available after worship in the Family Room?

Not at this point.

Leaving the building after the service ends

When the service is over, we ask that you immediately leave the building. We ask that you please refrain from stopping and visiting with people until you are out of the building. 

General Considerations

If you are sick, have chills, sore throat or shortness of breath, are feverish, or have other signs of illness, we ask that you remain at home.

If you have been directly exposed to COVID-19 or tested positive, we ask that you remain at home until a doctor permits you to return to public activities.

While you are at our facility, we ask that you follow safe social-distancing protocols and refrain from physical contact.

We are asking that all worshippers consider bringing and wearing a mask to wear during worship. If you do not have one, a small supply of masks will be available at church.

When the worship service has concluded, we ask that you exit through the sanctuary doors and immediately depart the building.

If you are a member of the at-risk population (defined as those who are 65 or older or those with pre-existing conditions such as chronic lung disease, moderate to severe asthma; chronic heart disease; severe obesity; diabetes; chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis; liver disease; or weakened immune system), you are strongly encouraged to remain at home.