The key to ecclesiology is proper theology. Simply, if the person and ongoing work of Jesus is not exceptionally clear and practically integrated in the church then eventually the church will become very sick. Jesus Christ is the apostle who plants a church (Hebrews 3:1), the senior pastor who leads the church (1 Peter 5:4), and the head of the church (Colossians 1:4; 2:10, 19) who grows and builds a church (Matthew 16:18) or shuts it down for becoming faithless and/or fruitless (Revelation 2:5). Additionally, it is the Holy Spirit who convicts people in the church of sin, gifts them for service, empowers them for fruitfulness, and selects the elders who are to lead the church.

Ruling and Teaching Elders

The Office of Elder is one of spiritual leadership. The Elders of Missio Dei Church have charge of all matters relating to the welfare and good order of the Church and exercise oversight of the spiritual welfare of the Church and its members. They have oversight over the conduct of the members of the congregation, one another, the Deacons, and the Pastor(s). They make certain that what is preached and taught in the Church is in accordance with the Holy Scripture. They assist the Pastor(s) with their good counsel and the task of visitation and discipline. They seek to guard the Sacraments of the Church from being profaned.

Additionally, we are governed by collegial decision-making among elected elders. The pastor(s) do not act as "CEO" or anything of the sort. The pastors and Elders are called by God and affirmed by the church to serve the congregation. However, we are not a "representative government", nor do we serve "member interests". We serve the congregation by serving the mission that God has given Missio Dei Church. We are "owned" by that mission and strive to fulfill that mission.

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The Office of Deacon is one of servanthood and service after the example of Christ. Deacons of Missio Dei Church are chosen members of spiritual commitment, exemplary life, compassionate spirit, and sound judgment, who are set apart for a ministry of mercy, service, and outreach. They are to receive the contributions of the congregation and distribute them under the direction of the Session. The Deacons give particular attention and care to the whole benevolence program of the Church. They have charge of all that is contributed for the benefit of the poor and distribute resources with discretion. They visit and comfort those in material need and perform such other duties as the Consistory may assign them.

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