Revelation and Response!

music ministry (todd)

Our response to the living Word of God works itself out in many ways, one of which is through music. Most often, the ministry of music is found in the corporate worship context. This corporate or gathered context is where people of God come together, typically on a Sunday morning, and offer their praises and requests to the Lord and become transformed in a unique way by the Holy Spirit.

Regarding music, the issue is not loud or quiet, electric guitars or acoustics, choruses or hymns, fast or slow; but rather the content of the songs that we sing. When we come together, as God’s chosen people, to sing songs, hymns, and spiritual songs to one another, we strive to sing songs that instruct, teach, and re-remind us of God’s grace.

We sing the truths of Scripture through the classic hymns, new songs that can be classified as contemporary, as well as some modern hymns.

Music Ministry (Manda)The music team strives for “undistracting excellence.” On this side of eternal glory, we cannot achieve perfection. We understand the weight that exists in leading people to the throne of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and therefore we strive for undistracting excellence. Whether we are playing an instrument or singing aloud the melody or harmony of a song, we want to do so in a way that brings others along with us and ultimately allows people to sense the Holy Spirit dwelling richly within our midst.

As the band seeks to have the Holy Spirit reveal Himself through song, it is our prayer that the people of God would respond through song, lifting of holy hands, and repentance.