Will we see you Sunday?

Every week the church, Missio Dei Church gathers to worship. Throughout the North American landscape, we see that there is a growing lack of prioritizing of the gathering of the church. Family birthday celebrations, trips for the zoo with the kids, a day in the city, little league games, lawn mowing, or just a family day at home for tired souls are all vying for the average Christian’s time on Sundays. N.T. Wright in his book Surprised by Hope recognizes the tension of busy, clutter filled Sunday and writes:

Many Christians will find, for all kinds of reasons, that Sunday is a difficult day to attend church services. But we should remind ourselves that the earliest Christians lived in a world where Sunday was the first day of the working week, much like our Monday, and that they valued its symbolism so highly that they were prepared to get up extra early both to celebrate Easter once again and to anticipate the final Eighth Day of Creation, the start of the new week, the day when God will renew all things.

Why are our gathered worship times on Sunday mornings so important? Is this just another legalistic hoop to jump though to be considered a “faithful Christian”? For some, maybe, but for obedient followers of Christ there is another reason for gathering week after week. Ligon Duncan, in a book he co-edited entitled Give Praise to God, helps us understand the importance of the entire family coming together by defining our time together like this:

“It (Corporate Worship) is a family meeting with God, it is the covenant community engaging with God, gathering with His people to seek the face of God, to glorify and enjoy Him, to hear His word, to revel in the glory of union and communion with Him, to respond to His word, to render praise back to Him, to give unto Him the glory due His name.”

As a church family, our goal is to know Christ and become like Him. We desire to worship God and bring Him glory personally through our every thought, action and attitude. As a community of believers, we gather together for the purpose of worship. We are not just individual worshipers; we are a community of faith. As a community, we die to our individualistic attitudes and we engage together in spiritual battle.

I’m looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!

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