Session Update: April 19

On Monday, April 19, the Session met from 6:00-11 PM to deliberate on a wide variety of matters pertaining to our church. Here is a synopsis of what took place:

Time in the Word

We opened up our time by reading and meditating on Psalm 34.

Session’s Spiritual Development

As a Session, we are reading the book “Pray for the Flock: Ministering God's Grace Through Intercession.” The book is a challenge not merely to pray more but to think more biblically about prayer and about the God to whom we pray. All in all, we hope that we as a Session and as a church will be strengthened and energized by a renewed commitment to the constancy of prayer.

Music Ministry Update

At the May Session meeting, the Elders will have a statement for the church and the music ministry regarding what is an appropriate process for adding new music.

Report from Ad Interim Committee on Human Sexuality

One of the encouraging things about being a part of the Presbyterian Church in America is that we are connected to churches across American and even around the world. Back in 2019, the Chicago Metro Presbytery requested that a committee be created to “study the topic of human sexuality with particular attention to the issues of homosexuality, same-sex attraction, and transgenderism and prepare a report.” The committee published their report, which was to be given at General Assembly this June. At 62 pages, it is not terribly long. It is also written at a level that should be accessible to most laypeople who have some level of familiarity with the issues involved. The Session spent considerable time studying the report and commend it to you for your growth.

Shepherding Group Updates

Each Elder gave the Session an update regarding his Shepherding Group. After the updates, we spent extended time praying for the whole church family.

Children’s Ministry

The Session decided "While following recommended guidelines for social distancing, the Children’s Ministry will resume every week starting Sunday, May 9. For the time being, children will remain in worship on fifth Sundays to both ease the challenge of scheduling ministry partners during this unique time as well discipling our children while being 'in the pews.'"

Ministry Evaluations

While reading through the reports, we realized that the task ahead of us is no minor task. Some ministries are doing thriving, some are needing some guidance, and some are potentially looking for new leadership. Because of this, the Session needed to assess which ministries are in healthy places and looking to grow/expand, which are in a place of maintenance or stagnancy, and which are in distress and needing immediate attention. On top of that, we are taking additional time to prayerfully consider the whys we do what we do before we consider the hows and whos. We have another meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 12 to specifically work through these subjects.

Our ultimate aim and goal is to have every ministry tuned to one thing and that is “to be a church with passionate faith in Jesus Christ that sacrificially loves, serves those in need, and draws people into an ever-deepening relationship with God.” This re-tuning will take time and effort from all who will be leading a ministry.

Our next Stated Session meeting will be on Wednesday, May 12 at 6 PM.

We closed our time in prayer for you and the church.