Session Update: May 12, 2021


On Wednesday, May 12, the Session met from 6:00-10:30 PM to deliberate on a wide variety of matters pertaining to our church. Here is a synopsis of what took place:

Time in the Word

We opened up our time by reading and meditating on Proverbs 4:20-27

Session’s Spiritual Development

As a Session, we are reading the book “Pray for the Flock: Ministering God's Grace Through Intercession.” The book is a challenge not merely to pray more but to think more biblically about prayer and about the God to whom we pray. All in all, we hope that we as a Session and as a church will be strengthened and energized by a renewed commitment to the constancy of prayer.

Music Ministry Update

The Elders approved "Song Selection Philosophy for MDC" which will help guide our song selection for our gathered worship. You can read it here.

Shepherding Matters

The Elders removed KK's name from the roll per her request. This erasure is an act of pastoral discipline (BCO 27-1a) without process. Please pray with us that K will choose to find and join another gospel-preaching, Bible-believing church as she is currently without the God-ordained oversight of elders.

Also, Matt Priebe has submitted his resignation as deacon due to the fact that he has moved to Downers Grove and has indicated that he is searching for another church that is more local for him. The Session accepted his resignation and dissolved the official relationship which exists between him and the church (BCO 24-7). Matt will continue to be a member in good standing until he transfers to another church more local to him.

Additionally, the Session continues to fulfill its duty by shepherding Christ’s church through working to build unity and exercising discipline.

Ministry Leadership

The Session approved a template that will be used to create "job descriptions" for each and every ministry leader. This will help the Ministry Leader to know what is expected of them as they lead people and direct the ministry. Next month we will have our first drafts presented.

Our ultimate aim and goal are to have every ministry tuned to one thing and that is “to be a church with passionate faith in Jesus Christ that sacrificially loves, serves those in need, and draws people into an ever-deepening relationship with God.” This re-tuning will take time and effort from all who will be leading a ministry.

Our next Stated Session meeting will be on Thursday, June 17 at 6 PM.

We closed our time in prayer for you and the church.