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The Cost of Worship

May 5, 2013 Speaker: Paul Vroom Series: Stand Alone

Topic: Topical Passage: Exodus 24:1–25:9

A stand alone sermon where we as a church heard from Exodus 25:1-9. We all know that we are to be faithful stewards of our time, talent, and treasures. During our time we talked about why we give and how our giving relfects our love for God. 

"As we close let me urge us that we take seriously God’s call for us to be a light to the nations. This is God’s objective. And we do so because, by His sovereign grace, He has made us to dwell with Him in Christ. Let us do all we can, let us give all that we can, so that He will dwell with His people in all the nations. What a glorious opportunity!" - Paul Vroom


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