Movie & A Truck


Taking time to get away (by yourself or as a family) is often a lot of work. Somet

hing as simple as dinner and a movie can be the most overwhelming experience. Which person gets to decide on the dinner place? Who is going to decide what movie we will go to? Will the movie be in 3D and can little Jimmy stay awake that long? Simple questions and thoughts like this can leave you stuck inside because, well honestly, often times is just the easier option.

Movie and a Truck is a way to take the guesswork out of your night. Whether you are single or are a family of seven, this night will prove to be a great way to enjoy the last of the summer weather and a night out of the house. ROGUE food truck will be serving up some good eats for everyone and we will be showing The Lego Movie movie at dusk.

Here are some additional details and if you wouldn’t mind helping out the food truck with some numbers, RSVP in the form below:


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