Vision 2020

Dear Friends,

Our 2020 vision has been 2000 years in the making!

That is, the church has a mission set by Jesus himself – to make disciples! That surely has to be what we are about as a church. We ought to be longing
 and praying and planning to see more and more people come into a relationship with Jesus, depending on him as their Savior and serving Him as their Lord.

The Bible is clear that God gives the growth, and yet he marvelously uses us in that work. We need to be strategic as His fellow workers, making the most of the resources and opportunities He has given us.

We believe that God will use us to make more disciples of Jesus as we sacrificially love, serve those in need, and draw people into an ever-deepening relationship with God.

How do we do this? It will happen through:

  •  Promoting the Gospel
  • Gathered Worship
  • Youth and Children
  • Community Life

This document gives you a snapshot of the church we would love to be by 2020 – with God’s grace. Some of what is described we’re already doing, but we want to ensure we build on our strengths and broaden our scope. We hope it excites and inspires you. We pray you will be part of making it happen. May God richly bless our plans to His glory.

We have called the church to be faithfully giving towards this this vision. You can do it through The City or writing a check.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

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