Meet the Hamstras

October 1, 2015 by Paul Vroom 0 comments

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HamstrasQuestion: How has Missio Dei Church equipped you to be a better husband, wife, parent, friend, and/or neighbor?

Erin and I both grew up in church-going, bible-believing, functional families. We both began our saving relationship with Jesus at a young age. So, basically, I’m just making it clear that our story isn’t going to make some great Christian biography. With that said, our lives have changed significantly since first entering Missio Dei Church a little over two years ago.

We came to Missio Dei Church for the first time the day after we got home from our honeymoon. When we first came in the doors, there was an immediate sense of welcome and warmth that filled the church. In no time at all we were completely connected to the MDC community. One of the biggest factors in that has been being a part of a Missional Community. Our Missional Community has been instrumental in helping us get more out of the service by hearing the reflections of others in our group. More importantly, it has pushed us to seek to execute real action in our daily lives, and redefined how we carry out love in all of our relationships.


Do you have a story to share with Missio Dei Church family about how God has been working in your life? If so, take a moment and share your story here.

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