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God Using Us Verse Us Using God

July 26, 2013 Speaker: Paul Vroom Series: Acts - The Church: Continuing What Jesus Began

Topic: New Testament Expository Passage: Acts 19:11–19:20

Week 45 of a 68 week series in which we will be exploring the book of Acts in a series titled "The Church: Continuing What Jesus Began." This series will not just be a travelogue through the early church's history. It will be a reminder for us of what Jesus did on the earth in his tough, compassionate, loving, healing deeds and what he said on the earth in his truthful, authoritative, convicting, comforting teaching was only the beginning of his doing and his teaching.

Theme: We should allow God to use us according to His will for His glory, but we should not try to use Him for our own purposes.

Our latest installment of Missional Community study guides for the book of Acts can be found by clicking here. The questions for this coming Sunday include:

  1. Read aloud the above Scripture and talk about what stood out to you. This could be Scripture alone or it could something that the sermon pointed out to you from Sunday.

  2. Can Satan work through people to perform miracles (2 Thessalonians 2:9-10)? How can we know whether a miracles is from God?

  3. Why is pragmatism (doing whatever works) not a biblical methodology?

  4. How can we know in a specific situation whether it is God’s will to heal or not (2 Corinthians 12:7-10; Hebrews 12:3-11)?

  5. What are the “greater works” that Jesus promised (John 14:12)? Should we be focusing on signs and wonders? Give biblical support.

  6. So, what are we, as individuals and as a Missional Community, going to do with this section of Scripture? What is God calling us to be? What is God calling us to do?

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