Revelation 1-5 Study Guides

 This was a 12 week series in which we will be explored the first five chapters of Revelation in a series titled "Revelation: A Message to the church." Considered by many to be the most perplexing portion of Scripture, Revelation's message is straightforward and relevant: Jesus has conquered His enemies, and we as His people will share in that conquest as we persevere in faithfulness to Him.

Message to the Church

  1. Revelation 1:1-8 = Setting the Tone for Victory
  2. Revelation 1:9-20 = Portrait of the Lord of the Church
  3. Revelation 2:1-7 = The Church of Loveless Orthodoxy
  4. Revelation 2:8-11 = The Church of Impending Doom
  5. Revelation 2:12-17 = The Church of Indiscriminating Tolerance
  6. Revelation 2:18-29 = The Church of Idolatrous Compromise
  7. Revelation 3:1-6 = The Church of Inanimate Spirituality
  8. Revelation 3:7-13 = The Church of Persevering Witness
  9. Revelation 3:14-22 = The Church of Nauseating Ineffectiveness
  10. Revelation 4:1-11 = A Vision of God's Throne
  11. Revelation 5:1-10 = The Lion Who Is The Lamb
  12. No study guide was made for the last week as it was Easter and our Missional Communities did not meet.