Core Values

ChristCore Values - Christ


  • We celebrate new life in Christ.
  • Laughter and joy are signs of spirituality.
  • We worship Him for all He is.
  • The joy and pain in the journey.


  • We affirm the transcendent God of mysteries.
  • We are a place where you can ask difficult questions and live in the tension of paradox.


  • People are in the process of becoming radical followers of Christ.
  • We are about allowing the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to inform and transform our decisions and mission as individuals and as a community.
  • We passionately participate in the rhythms of a spiritual life (head, heart, and hand).


RelationshipsCore Values- Community

  • We are a people where relationships are growing, authentic, diverse, interdependent, and at times uncomfortable.
  • We believe that conflict is normal - reconciliation is intentional.


  • We provide an inviting sanctuary that provides a refuge of fellowship, rest and renewal.
  • We provide a place where we who are the weak, the marginalized, the misfit, and prodigal are embraced.



  • We make friends with those who have not experienced God's grace and those of different cultures or socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Where our lives are a witness to the love of Christ.
  • We are proactively engaged in meeting the needs in our community (emotional, spiritual, financial, etc.)

Going "Glocal"

Core Values - Cause

  • We adapt to the language and culture of the communities we reach (globally and locally).
  • We feel privileged to obey the Great Commission from God both globally and locally.
  • We are committed to daughtering new churches and be involved in the business of helping plant new churches.


  • We are a place where the arts are embraced.
  • We are a place a catalytic center of dreams, imagination, and creativity.
  • Each person's gifts are valued, developed and deployed as we share ministry.
  • We embrace an open ended vision for our community of faith where we are open to where the Holy Spirit brings us as new life comes to this community.