Created and Redeemed Male and Female

It is our strongly held belief that God has laid down certain guidelines in His Word that govern the use of gifts and talents and the roles of men and women in the church and home. After all, the Author and Giver of the gifts certainly should know the best way those gifts should be used and be able to order the way in which they are to be used. Many of the boundaries given for exercising gifts are given to both sexes. Others are specifically given to men or specifically to women.

We believe Scripture clearly teaches that God has given men and women equal value but differing roles in which to operate and thereby accomplish His work here on earth. To disregard the pattern He has set forth in Scripture is to disregard the Designer of life Himself and to assume that we somehow know better than he how to accomplish His work here on earth. 

Much is at stake when addressing who to ordain to the office of Elder and Deacon in the Church of Jesus Christ. As Courtney Tarter has said, ―The ordination of women is not simply a preferential issue, like we decide music styles. Rather it is deeply rooted in a theology of God, a theology of his Triune nature, and theology of His Gospel.Additionally, The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood states that ―[a]s evangelical feminism continues to spread, the evangelical community needs to be aware that this debate reaches ultimately to the heart of the gospel.

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