Church Discipline


Through God’s grace, the fourfold purpose of church discipline is the means (1) to help conform us individually and corporately to Christ, in terms of the purity and unity of his church, for the glory of God, (2) to help bring a wandering soul back to Christ, (3) to help deter others from sin, and (4) to help protect the church from false teachers, wolves, and division .

Members of this church and all others who regularly attend the various church gatherings who err in doctrine, or who engage in conduct that violates Scripture as determined by the Council of Elders, shall be subject to appropriate church discipline which they have impliedly or expressly consented to honor prior to engaging in the conduct triggering the disciplinary action. Application of church discipline shall be consistent with the biblical approach outlined in Matthew 18:15-18. As such, it is to be exercised against offenders who are members of Missio Dei Church. The elders oversee the disciplinary process described below and members of the congregation delegate authority to the elders to make the final decision in all disciplinary matters. 


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*This section on Church Discipline is taken from the provisionally adopted by-laws for Missio Dei Church. To see the full document, please click here