The Coming King

November 24, 2015 by Todd Paben 0 comments

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Here is a look at what our new Advent sermon series, The Coming King, will look like: 

The Coming King is a series of four Christmas messages that will explore the everyday humanity and glorious death of Jesus. In this Advent series we will see why we can hope in him, how Jesus is the power of God to transform our bleak situations, how the glory of the Son of God calls our hearts to genuinely soul-satisfying worship, and what difference it makes in our lives that Jesus endured the trials on our behalf.

 November 29, 2015  The King's Credentials  Matthew 1:1-17
 December 6, 2015  The Promise of the King  Matthew 1:18-25
 December 13, 2015   The Worship of the King  Matthew 2:1-12
 December 20, 2015  The Trials of the King  Matthew 2:12-23
 December 24, 2015     


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