The City iPhone app is now available for our church!

The City AppThe City team has worked hard to build and deliver a delightful, native iPhone app experience, and they are excited to have our church use it and let them know what we think!

As you get started, there are a just few things we’d like you to know:

This is just the beginning!

They have intentionally started with just the essential communication tools of The City, and they are already working on lots more.
Here’s what the app currently allows you to do:

  • View your Newsfeed (showing all content types except Albums)
  • Create a new Topic, Event, Need, or Prayer
  • View your Groups list
  • View the Group stream for any of your groups
  • View the detail screen for a Topic, Event, Need, or Prayer
  • Reply to a Topic, Event, Need, or Prayer
  • View your Friends List
  • View someone’s Profile page
  • Request and manage Friends
  • Manage Push Notifications per group
  • Create a Status Update
  • View and reply to Friends’ Status Updates

They will be updating the app on a regular basis, so be sure to install the updates!

Here’s how to get to the app:

Just search for thecity in the App Store and you’ll see it as one of the top results. Here is the direct link to the App Store:

Once the app’s installed, you’ll be able to log in using your City username/email and password.