Temporary Gathering Space

“We can fight to reestablish the church as a physical place where certain things happen. We can work harder to compete with society, to out-entertain and lure people in with as much pomp and circumstance as a church can afford. Or, we can become a church on a mission.” —M. Scott Boren

About five months ago, the leadership of Missio Dei Church was presented with a challenge… “homelessness.” The church was contacted and informed by the head of Mokena School’s Buildings and Grounds that it is not going to be possible for us to worship in Mokena Elementary School or any of their facilities this summer (June – mid-August). That was a curve ball as the Consistory decided last fall that this summer we wanted to maintain a constant witness in Mokena.

Immediately we started looking at all viable options for the summer. One option stood out to us. There is an empty church building on West Wood Street in New Lenox that has closed down about a year ago and hasn’t been used since then. For the past four months we have been negotiating with the lessors, doing work in the space trying to get the Missional Outpost (church building) ready for mission that God has called us to be a part of.

Well… the building is still not ready.

Because of that starting Sunday, August 19, Missio Dei Church will be gathering for worship at Oster-Oakview Elementary School in at 809 N. Cedar Road in New Lenox and will be meeting there until the building is renovated (approximately through the end of September)! We will still be meeting at our regular worship time of 9:30 AM!

To help us get the building ready, here are some ways that you can help out: http://bit.ly/Oy9fne

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