Re-Salinization Plant

“We do not need more political, moral, and cultural crusades. Instead, what we need are ‘salty’ Christians whose robust faith and discipleship shape the way they think, live, and exercise their gifts, training, and wisdom in their callings. We do not need more churches called to active duty in the culture wars. What we need are more churches that are resalinization instead of desalinization plants, churches that are dedicated to making disciples who are not only forgiven and renewed in Christ but also well taught and actually active in the world – in their families, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and volunteer organizations, loving their neighbors through their vocational excellence as well as through their witness to Christ.”  - Michael Horton (The Gospel Commission), pg. 242

Missio Dei Church is on an exciting ride and we would like to include you in it! After five years of being mobile, we are going to be leasing a building that will serve as our Missional Outpost. We want this building to serve us (versus us serving it) by it being a "Re-Salinization Plant." The church is a re-salinization plant, where the salt becomes salty each week, but the salt is scattered into the world. (See above!)

As you know, buildings and their renovations cost money and need workers. How might you be able to help Missio Dei Church? Do you have construction skills (drywalling, painting, electrical work, general construction, landscaping, etc.) that we might be able to utilize? Let us know!

You can also financially support Missio Dei Church with your faithful giving in two ways:

  1. Snail Mail: You can send your tithes and offerings to the church by sending them to our Widget-(Online-Giving)P.O. box. The address is Missio Dei Church, P.O. Box 1926, Frankfort, IL 60423
  2. Online Giving: You can automate your giving through The City.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be able to answer any of the questions that you may have!

Together for the Gospel!

Paul Vroom