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312Milestones. Kids’ lives are filled with them: first smile, first tooth, first word, first step, first day of school, first time behind the wheel.... Doting parents record these important milestones in baby books and flood the inboxes of family and friends with emails and Facebook updates. But there are other milestones as well—the ones we celebrate in the church with brothers and sisters: baptism, profession of faith, the Lord’s Supper, becoming a member, elder or deacon.

Over this past year, Grace Anne has been expressing to Laura and me her love for Jesus, her desire to participate in the Lord’s Supper, and her longing to become a member of Missio Dei Church. You can imagine our excitement as her parents to see God's covenant faithfulness working out right before our eyes!

As her father and pastor, I shared with her our excitement about her wanting to take that next step in her lifelong journey with Jesus. We spent the past few months listening to her questions, talking through answers, investigating Scripture, serving together, and explaining important biblical ideas… we became more focused (laser-like) in discipling our daughter.

Additionally, I informed her what the next steps are going to be to become a member of the local church. The first step in becoming a member of would be professing her faith before the elders of the church. You might be wondering, “What is this ‘profession of faith’”? In Romans 10:9 the Apostle Paul tells us, “if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Our confession is a necessary fruit of God’s saving work in us. One’s faith is not just a private matter, but it must be shared publicly.

So, on Wednesday evening, Grace sat with the elders and shared her faith in Jesus Christ. For twenty minutes, Grace answered question after question from Nathan and myself. She communicated with her nine-year-old clarity the Gospel, her need for Jesus’ work because she is a sinner, her understanding of Scripture, and understanding of the Lord’s Supper.

After persevering through many hours of disciple to disciple conversations with her father (just the beginning of a lifetime of learning) and a 20-minute interview by the elders, her last step in becoming a member of Missio Dei Church is her public profession of faith before the church next week Sunday, December 9.

We want to you to join us in saying to Grace Vroom, WELCOME!

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Paul, I'm just so happy for you and Laura; to witness this wonderful event. To see with your own eyes something that you and Laura will remember forever. An event that you can look back at in your memory and say this was a point when Grace grew up spiritually. God bless.

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