Our Soft Reopening


What’s missing in this picture? Well, it is you! We have been working hard in getting all those last minute details in place so that we can start worshiping at 123 West Wood Street… THIS SUNDAY!

This Sunday will be what we call a “soft” reopening…. not a “grand opening.” What this means is that we are not going to be inviting all of our friends and family as we want to make sure that we have all the kinks worked out before we open our doors to the community. If you have already invited friends and family, that is totally ok! Don’t go and disinvite them, but just let them know that we are going to be working some kinks out of the system for the next couple of weeks!

Kids Crossing, worship ministry and hospitatlity, please make sure that you come early to get a feel of the building and get any last minute instructions from your ministry leader!

Next week Tuesday for Second Tuesday Prayer, we are going to be praying through each and every room of this church and for our community! Please, please make it a priority to come and spend some time in prayer for this next season of ministry that God has called us to be a part of!

Can’t wait to see you this Sunday!

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