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Let me get this straight...

"Wait... Let me get this straight. The book of Amos going to be your first sermon series in your new building which is located in a new community?"

This was a question came from a fellow pastor, a buddy, a friend. And honestly, it is a great question. Why choose this particular book that is seemingly obscure? I am guessing that many pastors who would be in my shoes might want to start off with a series about who we are as a church, or maybe a series on being neighborly, or maybe a warm fuzzy series on love.

Nope. I am starting out our time in the Village of Manhattan with a sermon series through the book of Amos.

What’s the big deal? you might ask. Well, you see, the deal is that the book of Amos is pretty hard hitting and the prophet Amos shares some very uncomfortable, and honestly devastating news to the people of Israel. Amos was bringing a message of warning during a time of great prosperity, religious hypocrisy, and moral degeneracy. They had unchallenged, dominant military power. They controlled the trade routes through the Middle East, which had led to a financial boom. The stock market was good; they were at peace.

God sent Amos to warn God’s people that His patience had run out.

Amos was a nobody from nowhere. He was a simple shepherd from the sticks (Tekoa to be exact) and God called him to speak to Israel and remind them of their need to return to the Lord. Why? Because they had veered off the path. They:

  • were very wealthy and lived as though they didn't need him.
  • used their riches to twist the justice system.
  • were apathetic toward those who suffered.
  • worshiped God in ways that seemed best to them and were self-indulgent, instead of wanting to actually meet with God in the ways he established.
  • took advantage of the poor and were indifferent towards them

Through Amos we hear God speaking to a people that closed their ears to his word, who had forgotten their God, so the Lord rises up and roars over his people. God’s message, spoken through Amos, is equally uncomfortable, but vitally relevant, for the Church today.

Does Missio Dei Church - PCA need the book of Amos? Absolutely! Does the Village of Manhattan need the book of Amos. Without a doubt.
Starting on Sunday, August 19 join us on Sunday mornings at 360 South Park Street in Manhattan at 9:30 AM

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