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January 9, 2013 by Paul Vroom 1 comments

The Heart of a Pastor | Prayerlessness

I have to confess something: all day yesterday there was a deep desire to just cancel Second Tuesday Prayer (our monthly elder-led prayer gathering for Missio Dei Church). I just didn't feel like praying. It has been very busy season of life for the Vroom family and honestly, I just wanted to take the night off, but I pushed forward....Keep Reading

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January 2, 2013 by Paul Vroom 0 comments

Friends with Benefits?

This morning in my devotions, I read through 1 Corinthians 11:17-28. It was a tremendous reminder of the importance of Christ, and Him alone, remaining central to Missio Dei Church. Normally this section of Scripture is used as instructions about the Lord’s Supper and to prepare oneself for communion, but as I was sitting in Paul’s words something jumped out at me; Paul was addressing something that we (culturally) struggle with and will continue to struggle with....Keep Reading

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December 15, 2012 by Paul Vroom 0 comments

Year End Giving: Consider Missio Dei Church

As 2012 comes to a close and you think about year end giving, consider giving to Missio Dei Church. A friend of mine once told me that church planting requires three things: God, people, and cash. It's true. Planting and leading a young church is a big project that requires a lot of help. ...Keep Reading

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December 13, 2012 by Paul Vroom 3 comments

Parking Dilemma and Our Hospitality

The parking challenge is as real as our opportunities to serve one another and our guests!...Keep Reading

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December 7, 2012 by Paul Vroom 0 comments

Radical Hospitality

People are searching for churches that make them feel welcome and loved, needed, and accepted. I have heard it said of guests coming to check out a church for the first time that “This Sunday is the only Sunday that counts.” The impressions that person makes of a worshiping community are quickly developed within minutes (or dare I say seconds?) of walking into a worship space....Keep Reading

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December 6, 2012 by Paul Vroom 2 comments

A Letter to Grace's Mentors

We recognize is that our journey is not over just because she has professed her faith. We know that as her parents we have the ongoing primary responsibility to disciple our children. Each and every day we have the privilege to teach our children the ways of God and his goodness (Deuteronomy 6:4-11)....Keep Reading

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December 1, 2012 by Paul Vroom 1 comments

Profession of Faith - Grace Vroom

Milestones. Kids’ lives are filled with them: first smile, first tooth, first word, first step, first day of school, first time behind the wheel.... Doting parents record these important milestones in baby books and flood the inboxes of family and friends with emails and Facebook updates. But there are other milestones as well... "the ones we celebrate in the church with brothers and sisters: baptism, profession of faith, the Lord’s Supper, becoming a member, elder or deacon....Keep Reading

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November 30, 2012 by Todd Paben 0 comments

Celebrating Advent

I recently came across this blog post from Bobby Gilles, communiation director for Sojourn Church, titled "What is Advent? Why & How You Should Observe It". I have been trying to figure out how or what to communicate about the Advent seaon. For some of us we have been celebrating Advent for years and have often found it to be a very worshipful time. For others, who might be newer in church celebrations, or the church calendar year, you might be wondering what is this Advent season - I thought we just had Christmas. ...Keep Reading

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October 20, 2012 by Paul Vroom 0 comments

What Does Your Worship Say About God?

Mark Altrogge asks what kind of a statement we make about God in the way we worship. It’s worth thinking about: “If an outsider came into your Sunday meeting and observed you worshiping, what would he conclude you think about God?”...Keep Reading

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October 19, 2012 by Paul Vroom 1 comments

Engaging the mind without losing the heart?

One question I recently received was this: “How do you engage the mind without losing the heart?” It seems that everyone I meet has a personal or second-hand horror story about a chipper, well-intentioned believer bouncing off to seminary or a Christian college only to have their once-vibrant relationship with God cool to an ember (at best) or be snuffed out completely (at worst). But, experience has taught me that this isn’t just a problem with which seminarians are grappling. This hits everyone who spends time trying to know God better, be it through sermons, books, podcasts, discipleship relationships, or small groups. There is a perceived imminent danger of growing cold toward God....Keep Reading

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